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Watch the slowest Nurburgring lap record ever

Some drivers strive to lap the Nurburgring faster than anyone. Others do it for the thrill. And then there is one guy who just wanted to do something bizarre.

Chinese stunt driver Han Yue decided he would take a modern-day Mini and drive it around the Nurburgring on two wheels in a whopping, wait for it, 45 minutes, with the world watching the action through the wonders of live Facebook streaming.

Some 200,000 viewers tuned in for the painfully slow but tense world record around the Nordschleife, which is 12.9 miles long, while some positioned themselves at different corners to witness the spectacle taking place.

Few will make it through all 45 minutes of the video, but we insist you watch part of it because this is no easy feat. At an average speed of 17mph, it is a gruelling test of endurance and concentration – and one that could have been ended by a rogue transit van.

Not only was it testing for Yue, who complained of a painful shoulder just 3.7 miles in, there was a slight issue with the car. “At the start of the lap, I got a very strong vibration that never happened before,” he told Bridge to Gantry, a website dedicated to what goes on at the German circuit.

“It only happened over 20kmh, but it got worse when I drove faster. So this lap was a lot slower than I liked, and that makes it much more difficult,” he added.

As you may have noticed, the Mini was modified for the task at hand. Besides a roll cage, bucket seats and decals aplenty, it also has six-bolt HGV wheels and off-road tyres to ensure it could cope with the strain.

Yue is somewhat handy when it comes to driving. He already owned two Guinness World Records, one of which was power sliding into a space just 8cm (3.15 inches) longer than the Mini 3 Door Hatch he was driving.

Yue is not the only driver with a thing for two-wheeled challenges. The two-wheel world record speed is 115mph and the world record distance is 12.94 miles. We’ll stick to four, thanks.

Video: Around the Nurburgring Nordschleife on two wheels


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