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Watch this classic duel between two motorbike legends

There’s a very thin line between bravery and insanity, a line crossed frequently in a video of the Ulster Moto GP race that will, quite honestly, leave you a quivering wreck.

The legendary video shows TT legends Guy Martin (seen in the brilliant documentary TT: Closer to the Edge) take on the 26-year-old Michael Dunlop and his 11 Isle of Man TT victories around the 7.4-mile long Northern Ireland circuit.

Both riders are neck and neck, overtaking at ludicrously dangerous speeds as they tear around the superbike race. Think 190mph overtakes, slipstreaming, motorbikes that actually make contact and spectators mere inches away.

After a lot of fighting for the podium position Dunlop pushes his luck a bit far and crashes. Somehow he only walked away with light bruises, with his ego more than likely taking the brunt.

Although the video is relatively new to YouTube, the race itself is from 2012. But every petrolhead needs to see this duel because it’s utterly breathtaking.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, we wish Formula One was ten per cent as exciting. When it comes to motorsport, these guys have the largest balls – and by an enviable margin. So large, in fact, that all riders willingly risk the chance of a depressingly short life doing what they love.

Need more two-wheeled thrills? Check out more recent footage of Dunlop lapping the Isle of Man TT, with Ian Hutchinson blasting past him at speeds most of us can only dream of going.

Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop at the Ulster Moto GP video


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