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Woman kills own sister as they both overtake lorry

A woman killed her sister in a tragic accident, when she smashed into her car as they both attempted to overtake a lorry.

A woman allegedly killed her sister when she pulled out of a queue to overtake a lorry. Rosie-Ann Stone, 20, failed to see that her sister, who was driving behind her, had also pulled out and had already begun a similar overtaking move. She has gone on trial for causing the death of her sibling, Jennie Stone, by careless driving. 

The sisters were in a queue behind a slow-moving lorry on the A165, in East Yorkshire, between Hull and Bridlington. Rosie-Ann allegedly pulled out of the queue to overtake the truck, but was unaware her sister had done the same because she did not check her mirrors. 

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said: “[Jennie’s] car veered back to the correct side of the road, in front of the lorry, and then it went off the road. There it ran into a tree at the roadside.” 

He added: “The impact was very great and the car was badly damaged. Sadly, Jennie sustained multiple injuries and was killed. The young driver who pulled out without looking is the defendant, Rosie-Ann Stone.”

The two sisters were travelling on the same road in separate cars because Jennie had “recently moved to Skipsea and Rosie-Ann had been helping her there.” Mr Sharp said: “The defendant, quite simply, had not looked behind her before she began her manoeuvre.”

Timothy Snowden, who was driving in front, saw the tragic collision in his rear view mirror. He said: “In my mirror I saw the lorry and two cars abreast of each other. I could not see exactly which parts of the cars struck.”

Mr Snowden went on to say: “The collision did cause the car on the outside to hit the barrier. It went in front of the lorry then tried to straighten up and lost control and skidded. It struck a tree. I stopped immediately and called an ambulance from my phone. I went back to the scene and gave assistance. It all happened extremely quickly.”


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