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Amazon Home Automation smart home and energy store launches

Amazon has launched a new Home Automation section on its UK store, aimed at people looking for smart energy and smart home devices. 

If it’s a home appliance that’s in any way ‘smart’ – in other words, it connects to the internet – Amazon wants to sell it it you. The online retail giant has the latest section of its UK store stocked with over 1,000 products. 

As well as letting people shop for connected heating systems like Hive, Nest and Salus iT500, Home Automation section brings together over a thousand products, ranging from smart lighting (including Philips’ Hue bulbs) to robot vacuum cleaners (including Samsung Navibots). 

Amazon Home Automation smart home and energy store launches
The Nest Learning Thermostat, one of the many smart energy products available to buy from Amazon

There are also sections for streaming devices like Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku boxes, smart TVs, tablets, home security systems, heath trackers (like the Galaxy Gear Fit) and modems. 

James Bate, home improvement store manager at, said: “The Home Automation store has been designed to help customers make their lives as simple and comfortable as possible – whether it’s a robotic lawnmower to smarten up the garden while you’re on holiday or an intelligent light bulb that gradually brightens to wake you up in the morning.”  

The so-called Internet of Things – internet-connected home appliances – has been on the horizon for a while now. With the launch of British Gas’ Hive, arguably the Year Zero moment for smart heating in the UK, it looks like the Internet of Things is finally here. 

While some products like Philips Hue might seem frivolous, smart heating systems promise real savings – Honeywell’s Evohome promises to cut heating bills by 40 per cent and British Gas says that Hive will save you around £150 a year

Bate added: “Smart home products can even help save money through clever energy management. The focus isn’t just on products, however, but also assisting customers in navigating home technology with expert buying guides and reviews from fellow customers.”

As well as arranging the many connected products on offer into sections, you’ll also be able to manually search for what you want. The home of the future is here – and Amazon wants to sell it to you. 


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