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Amazon’s latest 4K Ultra HD series Sneaky Pete is gets the go-ahead

Amazon has cleared its latest pilot Sneaky Pete for a full series takeoff on Prime Instant Video. 

Like all of Amazon’s commissioned shows, it’ll be filmed in Ultra HD, meaning owners of the new Fire TV box and 4K TV with a Prime Instant Video app will be able to stream the new show in the highest possible definition. 

As well as being more fuel for 4K petrolheads, Sneaky Pete is a drama series revolving around Giovanni Ribisi, perhaps better known for his role as Parker Selfridge, aka the Unobtainium Bloke from Avatar, playing a man taking on the identity of his former cellmate, the titular con-man Sneaky Pete

Related: How can I watch Amazon Prime on TV? and Amazon 4K – Which smart TVs have itThe series sees ‘Pete’ moving in with the real Pete’s unsuspecting family getting involved with their bail bond business. 

Sneaky Pete also stars Marin Ireland, (Revolutionary Road, I Am Legend) Margo Martindale (The Hours, Beautiful Creatures) and Peter Gerety (Prime Suspect, Cymbeline) and will land on Prime Instant Video and Amazon Instant Video next year. 

It’s also one of the titles that’s due to get the HDR (High Dynamic Range) treatment once it manifests on Amazon’s streaming service. Along with Sneaky Pete, folks with the requisite TV sets and bandwidth – around 20-25Mbps according to Amazon’s spec sheets – will also be able to enjoy Transparent and Red Oaks in HDR. 

The pilot episode of Sneaky Pete is available to stream on Prime Instant Video now in both 4K and boring old Full HD and standard definition. Prime Instant Video costs either £5.99/month or if you’re paying £79/year for Amazon Prime, you get the service for no extra cost.  


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