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Apple iTV in preparation, says Foxconn chief

Apple iTV in preparation, says Foxconn chiefApple iTV, the long rumoured Apple digital TV set, may start to enter the early stages of production soon, according to Foxconn chief Terry Gou.

Speaking to China Daily, Gou outlined the company’s future plans for high-street stores and e-commerce ventures, casually mentioning that Foxconn is ‘making preparations’ for iTV towards the end of the article.

The piece notes that “development or manufacturing has yet to begin,” and doesn’t mention anything beyond the rumours which we’ve already heard (it’ll feature Siri, FaceTime and feature a Cinema Display-style aluminium case – something which we’re not totally sure about ourselves).

Foxconn, which employs over a million workers in China, has long been synonymous with rumours related to future Apple products. It’s also made headlines for alleged poor treatment of workers and the installation of so-called ‘suicide nets’ after eighteen suicide attempts in 2010.

Recently the company allowed journalists inside one of its factories in Shenzhen to film production of Apple’s new iPad.

Even if early preparations are being made, Apple and ITV here in the UK will need to work out a deal if Apple is to stick with the rumoured name of its telly monitor.