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Bambooti Real Stone MacBook Cover Review

A funky MacBook cover made from actual stone has just hit KickStarter, where it’s swiftly charging towards its pledge target. We’ve been rocking the Bambooti Real Stone MacBook Cover on our Apple laptop for a while now and can safely say it’s a solid (as a rock, har har) investment, although it’s also a much more permanent feature than we would have liked.

Belgian company Bambooti has already graced the hallowed halls of Recombu with its rather nifty wooden MacBook covers. These attractive accessories not only added an attractive and natural-looking finish to your Mac laptop, but they were also customisable, allowing you to add your own logo or design to the glowing centre.

Now Bambooti is back with an all-new MacBook cover, this one made of stone. Yes, actual, real stone. You get a choice of seven different finishes, coming in a variety of shades and textures. Best of all, because these covers are made from a natural material, each one boasts a unique ‘design’.

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We’ve fully tested one of these covers and we love the unique finish, although you better make sure you’re enamoured with the design because it’s really difficult to remove after any length of time.

For a start, the cover comes well packaged in a firm sleeve to protect it in transit. Just as well, as the incredibly thin material is very flexible (not to mention light at just under 80g).

Peel off the back layer to reveal the sticky surfacing and then carefully lower it onto your MacBook’s lid. That adhesive is strong enough to lock the cover in place instantly, with no kind of shifting even if you apply plenty of pressure.

At first you can peel the cover off and re-position without worry. However, once the cover has been on a while, that glue becomes firmly attached to the lid of your Macbook and really doesn’t want to come off. To the point that it took two hours of scrubbing, as well as some heat gun action and a bottle of sticker remover, to get rid of all traces. In other words, you should only consider getting a Bambooti cover if you want to keep it on for good.

However, that textured finish is truly wonderful, completely changing up how the MacBook feels when it’s tucked underneath your arm. And while scratches on the standard MacBook lid ruin the gorgeous aesthetics, here they’re well masked by those natural striations. If you’re sold on the design and are happy to keep it on there for good (or endure some serious scrubbing), you can grab one now direct from Bambooti.

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