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Batman and Superman get animated as Lovefilm Instant signs Warner Bros deal

Lovefilm has signed a deal with Warner Bros which sees the Batman and Superman animated series touching down. 

All of the caped crusader’s animated adventures from 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series through to 2011’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold are available to stream on demand now, as is the more recent Superman cartoon. 

The deal also includes both the original 1980’s Thundercats cartoon as well as the more recent reboot, so kids of all ages can sit down and enjoy the exploits of Lion-O and the gang. 

Batman and Superman get animated as Lovefilm signs Warner Bros deal
Batman and the Joker duke it out. What would Fredric Wertham have to say about this image?

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Lovefilm InstantDC heroes compendium show Justice League is also available and the more recent Young Justice spin off will be coming soon. Warner Bros also currently own the rights to the hilariously camp Super Friends cartoon from the 1970’s. It’s not yet confirmed if Super Friends is available on Lovefilm Instant. 

Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, president for Warner Bros worldwide television distribution said: “We are pleased to have found a new home for some of our most popular animated series on Lovefilm Instant as a result of this new deal. We are certain that subscribers, both kids as well as animation enthusiasts of all ages, will love having on demand access to these terrific series.” 

Chris Bird, director of content strategy at Lovefilm, said: “The arrival of Warner Bros animated content onto the service means that our offering for younger viewers is stronger and more exciting than ever before. We already have a huge range of fantastic films and TV series for junior members to watch across a variety of devices, and we believe that this latest addition cements our position as the market-leading service for families.”

Lovefilm has previously added children’s favourites like Rastamouse and Power Rangers and recently signed a bit deal with Disney. While keeping kids, families and overgrown kidults happy, Lovefilm also has added Vikings, The Walking Dead and Stephen King’s Under The Dome for more mature viewers.

Lovefilm Instant is available on PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire and Fire HD, and games consoles including Nintendo Wii and Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and selected LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs and Blu-ray players.  


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