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BBC iPlayer for Android downloads coming soon-ish

Downloading programmes from BBC iPlayer on Android phones and tablets will be a reality soon, says BBC technology partner Inside Secure. 

The company which provides DRM software for the BBC iPlayer has issued a press release detailing its Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent software which allows users to enjoy programmes for 30 days on iPhones and iPads and hints that this feature is ‘coming soon’ to Android devices. 

BBC iPlayer for Android downloads coming soon-ish
Programme downloads will hit iPlayer for Android this year – but not today, tomorrow or next week

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The BBC has poured cold water on any rumours of Doctor Who downloads happening on HTC One’s and Samsung Galaxy S4’s in the immediate future. The BBC acknowledges that downloads for iPlayer on Android is in the pipeline but is urging the Android army to hold its horses. 

Programme downloads for iPhones and iPads became a thing last September when the iOS BBC iPlayer app updated. We’ve been waiting eagerly for this feature to make it to Android phones and tablets for a while but it looks like we’re in for a bit more of a wait. Members of the Android faithful can take some salve in the fact that they’ve at least got an iPlayer app – Windows Phone owners are still out in the cold.

Downloads on BBC iPlayer for Android – coming when it’s ready guys.


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