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BBC iPlayer finally lands on Xbox One with Kinect voice controls

Good news everyone – iPlayer has landed on Xbox One, just in time for the Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas special later this month. 

You’ll be able to watch some actually good telly on your Xbox One through iPlayer this Christmas too, including Doctor Who special and Top Gear plus content from the last 30 days

The BBC’s catch-up service wasn’t initially available on Microsoft’s console when it launched last year, owing to issues with Kinect voice controls

BBC iPlayer finally lands on Xbox One with Kinect voice controls
Enjoy some Ebola Frontline action inbetween bouts of Assassin’s Creed this Christmas

As promised, iPlayer is now available for Xbox One and full Kinect support is baked in. It’s also fully compatible with the SmartGlass mobile apps if you prefer to search for and launch content using your phone or tablet instead. 

Peter Lasko, the BBC’s technical product manager said that the design language of the Xbox One app mirrors the current look and feel of iPlayer on desktop browsers, YouView, the Now TV Box and current smart TVs. 

Xbox 360 owners who’ve yet to make the jump to the One will feel right at home. In the meantime, Lasko says that the Beeb is working on bringing 30 day catch up to the 360 as well as new features like BBC Radio 1 content in the near future. 

You don’t need an Xbox Live Gold account to get iPlayer on your Xbox One. You can head on over to the Xbox Store to download the BBC iPlayer app for free right now. 


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