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Beamly trounces Twitter in Eurovision gob-off: 3 million more messages managed

TV-centric social media platform Beamly claims it stole the Eurovision show from Twitter. 

Beamly brags that it handled over 9 million messages during the Eurovision 2015 final, compared to Twitter’s 6 million. 

As well as letting fans of TV shows chat online during broadcasts, users can create interactive Votely surveys and pitch articles. It’s this kind of curative, chatty atmosphere that Beamly is keen on pushing to distance itself from Twitter’s non-stop social media slipstream. 

Beamly’s chief content officer Juliette Otterburn-Hall said: “Not only are today’s viewers looking for deeper engagement around their favourite shows, they want the same experience for mainstream TV events like Eurovision too.” 

“This staggering level of engagement demonstrates growing appetite from the public to be part of an immersive, community-led platform around TV. This goes far beyond what’s possible with traditional social networks.” 

Last month, Beamly ran a similar ‘Votely’ poll around BBC One’s Leaders’ Debate, which racked up around 15 votes per second. Earlier this year, Beamly also conducted a ‘Votely’ around the EastEnders 30th anniversary ‘Who Killed Lucy?’ live show, which saw a total of 2,237,723 votes. 
Beamly recently announced that it’s signed up 10 million unique monthly active users worldwide and it hopes to entice more users to its platform soon by way of a rewards system for regular contributors. 

The Eurovision 2015 final was watched by an average of 6.6 million people in the UK. Despite Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw winning the most votes with ‘Heroes’, in our view Georgia’s Nina Sublatti should’ve taken the top spot, if only because ‘Warrior’ is the only pop song in history (as far as we can tell) that has the word ‘oximated’ in the lyric. 


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