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Best PSVR games: The most immersive Playstation VR titles right now

Virtual reality on the Playstation 4 is one of the most immersive ways to get gaming in 2017. Here’s our pick of the best PSVR games you can get right now, from horrifying horror titles to pulse-racing action experiences.

Sony unleashed its PSVR headset a while back now, as a rival to the likes of the Oculus Rift. That means the number of virtual reality games on offer has exploded in 2017, so you can enjoy all kinds of 360-degree titles on your Sony console.

Whether you want to throw yourself face-first into a terrifying horror game or get a close and personal view of the action, you’ll find something to suit on the PS4. Racing games and shooters are well represented, while PSVR also boasts some more relaxing experiences.

Here’s our favourite virtual reality titles on the PS4 right now. Check out some of our other Playstation and VR gaming features below.

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This game has made it to the top of our list as it was the launch title for the PSVR Aim controller, built purely for a VR experience. The fact that it’s a first person shooter setnoffworld makes it even more appealing.

We love how the gun controller offers vibrating feedback and accurate on-screen replication of your movements. That includes ducking, so you can dodge any incoming enemy fire too. The only real downside here is that you’ll probably play through the single player mode in about six hours. But since there’s multiplayer gaming to enjoy as well, there’s no reason to toss Farpoint in your cupboard once you see the end screen.

Superhot VR

Superhot is another first person shooter, this time with a really clever twist. Originally a PC release, this PS4 refined game stops time when your movements halt. That means you can line up shots perfectly when still, only to be forced to move again to get the next best angle. The mechanic really works well and leaves you feeling like a super-reaction-speed badass as you whizz through dispatching bad guys like a pro.

Be warned, however; the ability to slow time may seem like a massive advantage, yet Superhot VR is super challenging and not for those without patience.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

On its own, Resident Evil 7 is definitely one of the freakiest PS4 experiences and the best entry in the series in quite some time. With the PSVR version, you’re placed right into the action, with slavering enemies getting fully in your face. Better buy a few new packs of pants, then.

Resi 7 offers a full 18-ish hour gaming experience in VR – the longest one available by far. The fact this is a good game even without the VR gimmick makes it even more appealing.

Rez: Infinite

On the other end of the spectrum to Resident Evil 7, Rez: Infinite could be one of the shortest VR gaming experiences. You might be able to play this through in an hour but it’ll be one of the most intense sixty minutes of your life. Hypnotic trance music, geometric shapes and shifting colours all make for a mind-melting experience where you’re supposed to look about and mutli-lock onto targets. This was great on the PS2 so you can imagine just how brilliant a VR version is –  a must play.

Gran Turismo Sport

The ultimate car racing simulator just got a VR upgrade. Sure, you can enjoy glorious 4K HDR graphics on your PS4 Pro if you play via your Ultra HD TV, but if you have a PS VR headset you can leap right into the virtual cockpit. That means you can look about the track and even inside the car for a more immersive driving experience.

In fact, GT Sport will even work with a steering wheel and pedals controller system too. Closest thing you’ll get to being a world-class racing driver.

Eve: Valkyrie

This was one of the first titles to be made for VR, originally designed for the Oculus Rift. As a result it’s a really well refined virtual reality experience that runs perfectly smoothly on the PSVR.

Eve is a solid gateway into VR, boasting simple to master controls and gentle hand-holding gameplay until you get used to the way it works. Essentially you just have to bomb about in space, taking care of any baddies that crop up – classic dogfighting action, in full 360-degrees. Nice.

I Expect You To Die

As the James Bond themed title may give away, this is a spy-based thriller experience. In a classic escape the room style you’ll need to puzzle your way out of wherever you find yourself trapped in order to survive. Things get pretty tricky however, so as the name also suggests, you’ll be dying plenty.

Don’t fret, though; the many different ways to die are all part of the fun, and you’ll find yourself jumping right back in again after every foul up.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you’re a Trekkie, or Trekker, or care enough to actually know the difference, then this game is for you. For everyone else it’s one of the coolest multiplayer VR experiences out there, so well worth a go.

You and a team of three can take control of the S.S. Aegis, at various stations on the Bridge, to command it effectively and navigate the perils of deep space. Immersive, slick and very entertaining, plus one of the few (and therefore best) co-op VR experiences on the PSVR.


This is a VR puzzler that very cleverly integrates the use of a controller. Your character wakes up with his or her hands trapped inside of a box, and tapping the DualShock buttons in real life affects the box in the game – although at first it’s not clear how.

This smart mechanic actually makes you feel trapped, even if you can take your hands off the controller in the real world. The result is a mind-testing puzzle game that makes good use of virtual reality, while also offering a different change of pace to most of the other titles in this virtual reality round-up.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

This is indeed a spin-off of the Until Dawn game, only this time around it’s built purely for VR. That means you can be sure of lots of scares from freaky clowns, faceless zombies and tortured pigs, not to mention buckets of blood.

Rush of Blood is ideally experienced with a PlayStation Move controller setup, although it can be played with a DualShock instead. It’s great as a stand alone game but makes lots of nice nods to the previous title too, which fans will enjoy.

Batman Arkham VR

Become the Batman. Do we even need to write anything else?

This is a comic book style murder mystery with some fun crime scene investigation. You still get to throw the odd Batarang, don’t worry, but Arkham VR is more about the crime scenes where you can rewind time and work out what happened. Another title that works better with the Move controllers if you have them.


If Guitar Hero and VR had a baby, this is what that demented creature might be like.

Thumper is actually made by ex Harmonix developers, the smart coders behind the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It’s best described as a rhythm action hell game which sees you button bashing in time with music to evade its oppressive noise. Pounding drums and rushing air make you feel the panic of movement as you try to dodge obstacles by maintaining those well-timed taps. Immersive is a word which doesn’t do the game justice.

If you have a PS4 with the VR helmet and you enjoy frantic gameplay, Thumper is a must-buy.


This is a bit different to the other offerings on PS VR as it’s all about making you a god. Take control of a world made up of 13 different islands where you, as Spirit Guardian, must restore balance to its inhabitants the Peeps. Think classic game Black and White only with you in control, from a proper VR perspective.

Dick Wilde

As you may have guessed from the name, this VR game is a bit of a laugh. This first person shooter lets you take control of a hillbilly hunter and his rickety weapons, on a mission to dispatch beasties in the bayou, woodlands and ancient temples. Lots of fun to be had.


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