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BT hikes prepaid Line Rental Saver deal

BT has quietly increased the cost of its Line Rental Saver offer, which lets folks save money by paying for 12 months’ worth up front. 

Previously, people willing to stump up a full year’s line rental in advance would have to pay £169.90 in one go. This was equivalent to paying £14.15/month, instead of the current rate of £16.99/month, saving customers roughy £33.98.   

Now BT has bumped the price up to £183.48 a year, taking the scope for savings down to £20.40. 

Despite this, BT says that it’s still giving customers the option to make a saving, pointing out that Sky canned its prepaid option last year.  

A BT spokesperson said: “Line Rental Saver has proved popular with BT customers and existing customers are not affected by this change until their current deal expires. The new deal still offers a discount for customers paying upfront. 
“Sky has dropped its cheaper line rental deal altogether – meaning all new Sky customers must pay £16.40/month – but BT was determined to retain the discounted Line Rental Saver option, which is more than £1 a month cheaper than Sky’s line rental.”

BT’s new rate is equivalent to paying £15.29/month which is cheaper than Sky’s rate, but is slightly more expensive than TalkTalk’s equivalent offering. 

TalkTalk’s Value Line Rental service gives you 12 months line rental cover for £180.36, equivalent to £15.03/month. As of October 2014, the standard rate for TalkTalk line rental has been £16.70/month. 

Both Sky and Fuel Broadband – then known as Primus Saver – dumped their line rental saver options last year. While Sky didn’t give a reason, Fuel said that it had dropped line rental saver because it was unpopular. 

If the idea of paying line rental irks you to your core you only really have a couple of options – take out a broadband only service from Virgin Media (which currently doesn’t charge for line rental) or invest in wireless broadband, which has a high installation cost and is affected by terrain in a way that fixed-line services that aren’t. 


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