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What is Clannet? Wireless Broadband ISP for North Yorkshire

What is Clannet? 

​Latest Clannet news storiesClannet, a contraction of ‘Community Local Area Network’ is a wireless broadband ISP. 

Clannet leases capacity to community broadband networks in North Yorkshire under the NYnet project.

It’s now a limited company, but its focus is on community projects where local residents demonstrate demand, raise capital, and manage the day-to-day running. 

Where does Clannet cover?

The ISP began with a trial in the broadband not-spot of Biggin, connected to an ADSL line from Cawood. There are now additional community ISPs in the Vale of Mowbray, Nun and Moor Monkton, and Aylesby.

The Cowesby relay extends Clannet’s coverage to the villages of Over Silton, Nether Silton, Kepwick Cowesby, Leake and Borrowby.

CLANNET North Yorkshire coverage

What services does Clannet provide?

Clannet installs wireless repeaters on tall buildings in local villages (usually the church) and the community ISP sells easy-to-install Broadband In A Box packages with a small antenna, modem and router. 

All users get webmail with up to five email addresses, offers web hosting services and email hosting with dedicated domains. Clannet also provides training to the community ISP administrators, and higher-level support directly itself. 

Community ISPs and their customers can also set up one or more wireless hotspots with either instant access or pre-paid cards. 

CLANNET prepaid wireless hotspot card

How much does Clannet cost? 

Each Clannet community ISP can set its own tariffs, depending on its resources and local subsidies.  

What technology does Clannet use? 

Clannet uses line-of-sight wireless repeater antennas or nodes, and user gateways on tall buildings at the heart of each community ISP, connected to a main mast at Selby. Its servers are based here, and connect to the internet via a high capacity leased line. Each customer also requires line of sight to the community repeater. 

Previous news stories about Clannet

Wireless Broadband ISP Clannet brings rural Laceby and Kirby Sigston online

Wireless Broadband ISP CLANNET brings rural Laceby and Kirby Sigston online​Community ISP Clannet is now beaming wireless broadband to rural Laceby and Kirby Sigston in the North East of England.

Residents in the North Yorkshire villages are able to get wireless broadband as long as they’ve got line of sight to the aerials in the Aylesbury and Vale of Mowbray (South) Community Broadband Networks.

Speeds available on Clannet’s networks can go as fast as 25Mbps and as there’s no physical line connecting your home to the internet, you won’t have to pay line rental.

Clannet’s network is funded using money from the Rural Development Programme for England, an initiative set up and run by Yorkshire Forward, Defra and the EU’s Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. 

Image credit: Rich Tea/Geograph

CLANNET's repeater node at Otterington Park

Clannet gets Cowesby repeater up and running 

Cowesby Church by CLANNET

A new wireless repeater antenna has been commissioned in the village of Cowesby, North Yorkshire.

The repeater has been fully tested and can provide speeds of up to 25Mbps, available to villagers in the surrounding areas.

Clannet is now accepting orders from local residents and businesses.

August 21, 2012



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