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Direct Save Telecom launches “off-network” broadband

Direct Save Telecom has expanded its broadband footprint in the UK and is now offering customers an “out of area” package for £14.95 per month.

The deal is aimed at broadband users connected to an exchange that OpenReach has not yet upgraded to ADSL2+. Direct Save is now offering the “off-network” deal to customers and said this represents “value when compared to other competing deals in the market.”

Those customers on an exchange with ADSL2+ can get, what Direct Save Telecom claims is the “lowest in the country” phone and unlimited broadband deal with free evening and weekend calls for £1.95 per month.

The budget broadband firm is still offering customers a 28-day rolling contract where you can change the level of broadband or phone service at any time.

Last October, Recombu reported that over 3,000 customers have switched to Direct Save Telecom’s £1.95/month broadband offer in the last quarter

The deal which includes unlimited monthly usage and a free wireless router requires you to pay £9.95/month for line rental and sign up for a 2-year contract. 

This deal was launched in the UK last June.


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