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Free Sky broadband bundled with a year of Sky Movies

Sky is offering customers free broadband for a year if they sign up for Sky Movies. 

The up to 17Mbps ADSL Broadband Unlimited, which normally costs £7.50/month, is being offered for nowt to punters who stick with Sky Movies and a Sky TV subscription for 12 months, which works out as a saving of £90. 

If you’re a new Sky customer, you can currently make the most of the deal by signing up to Sky’s Original Bundle with Sky Movies for £38/month instead of the regular £45.50/month. 

Free Sky broadband bundled with a year of Sky Movies
Sky’s latest broadband bundle sees you saving £90 with a year’s free broadband

Sky Movies gives you access to 11 channels and hundreds of films on demand. You’ll also be able to watch all of the channels on up to two mobile devices with Sky Go

For existing Sky customers who don’t already have the Sky Movies bundle, you can add the package onto your current TV deal for the discounted rate of £16.50/month (normally £24/month) to get your year’s unlimited broadband. 

If you already have Sky Movies, you’ll be able to sign up to broadband for free via your online account.

With all options, you’ll also have to pay line rental, which is currently £15.40/month but will go up to £16.40/month in December

With the new rate of line rental applied to the Original Bundle deal, the total price rises to £54.40/month. Combined with the discounted cost of Sky Movies this works out as £32.90/month on top of your existing TV bundle. 

New Sky TV customers will need to pay a £10 charge for the set-up and anyone wanting to take advantage of the deal will need to pay £6.95 for the router’s delivery.

Sky is also continuing to offer its up to 38Mbps FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) Fibre Unlimited service, which normally costs £20/month, free for the first six months on an 18 month contract.