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Take a tour of Game of Thrones locations with Google Street View

Want to take a tour of the real-life locations where Game of Thrones was shot? Too broke or lazy to get off the sofa and actually do it? Google Street View has come to the rescue, offering a full, free virtual tour of some of the most visually impressive locations featured on the show.

Google Street View is a great way of checking out sights without even leaving your lounge, offering plenty of virtual tours of famous landmarks and stunning vistas.

However, one of the more timely new tours available to check out right now is a nose around some of Game of Thrones’ awesome filming locations. Presented just as season seven of the show kicks off, the Street View GoT tour offers up 33 locations (at the time of writing) which you can explore in a series of 360-degree viewpoints.

The iconic virtual tours on offer include locations from all current seasons of Game of Thrones. You can check out where it all began, at the Stark’s family home of Winterfell (actually a Scottish castle), before venturing to the sunnier climes of Braavos for a spot of sun.

Dorne, Mereen, King’s Landing and even the Iron Islands are all available to explore. However, be warned that the accompanying descriptions contain plenty of spoilers for Game of Thrones episodes from season six and earlier. So if you haven’t fully caught up yet, you might want to skip the Street View tours until you’ve ploughed through those lovely boxsets.

Check out Google Street View’s Game of Thrones tour page to explore the filming locations right now, and don’t forget that the first episode of series seven is repeated on Sky Atlantic tonight at 9pm. You can also watch it right now On Demand on Sky TV, or using services such as Now TV.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Game of Thrones know-it-all? Why not put your knowledge to the test by heading over to our fiendish GoT quiz, to see if you’re worthy of a Braa-vo, or just a bit of a Winter-fail.


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