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House of Cards Series 5 hits Netflix UK in May: How to watch in 4K and all you need to know

In House of Cards season 5, the Underwoods are back and badder than ever. This Netflix exclusive show will be released in the UK at the end of May, to download or stream in glorious 4K Ultra HD. Here’s what we know about the fifth series so far, including a season 4 recap, returning cast members, rumours and more.

House of Cards is one of the original, and best, Netflix exclusive shows. Following the exploits of corrupt politician Frank Underwood, who rose to the prestigious rank of president thanks to some decidedly dodgy dealings, season 5 of this show promises plenty of drama, despair and dirty deeds. Is that enough alliteration for you?

If you can’t wait for series 5 to hit Netflix, read on for our full preview. Be warned however, you’ll encounter spoilers for the previous seasons throughout.

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House of Cards season 5 UK release date

The golden date for House of Cards fans is May 30. On this date, the first episode of series 5 will hit Netflix. However, if the show’s release is anything like Better Call Saul, it’ll be US viewers who are treated to the episode on this date. UK viewers will get simultaneous access, in the early hours of May 31.

We haven’t had confirmation from Netflix about whether every episode will be released for streaming at once, or if the episodes will trickle out one per week. However, Netflix’ House of Cards trailer clearly states ‘new episodes May 30’, which suggests that all of series 5 will be available in one lovely chunk. Great news if you wish to binge stream.

Can I download House of Cards season 5?

Yes, the fifth season will be available to download to your mobile device (iPhone or Android phone, as well as tablets). Check out our guide on downloading Netflix shows for full info on enjoying video offline. We’ve even compiled a list of our favourite movies you can download from Netflix.

How to watch House of Cards season 5 in 4K

House of Cards series 5 will be available to stream in glorious 4K Ultra HD resolution, for those of us plush enough to own a 4K telly. Of course, enjoying the show with supremely sharp visuals isn’t as simple as having an expensive TV. You’ll also need to be on the more premium Netflix account and ensure that your network is up to the task of Ultra HD video streaming.

Check out our complete guide on how to watch Netflix in 4K for everything you need to know.

House of Cards season 4 recap

House of Cards saw Frank and Claire at war with pretty much everyone, from the Russian President Petrov to their own (very few) allies – and even each other. In fact, at one point it seemed like Claire would betray Frank, and rightly so – her husband smothered her plans to run for VP in the impending election, until an attempt on his life sparked their reconciliation.

At the end of season 4, we left Frank and Claire Underwood as running mates for the election, where they hope to take the White House for another term. Seems like the days of spin and fake smiles may be over, however. The cunning couple have been exposed by the press, most cuttingly in Tom Hammerschmidt’s Washington Herald article which implicated him in the murder of journalist Zoe Barnes.

So now we might see public glimpses of the real Frank, as he spreads messages of fear surrounding the struggle with terrorism (in the form of fictional extremist group ICO). Will it be enough to secure him a lead over Republican nominee Will Conway?

House of Cards season 5 story

House of Cards has hit some seriously dark notes in previous seasons, with unexpected deaths and some truly unsettling treachery on show. Season 5 looks like it certainly won’t let up, if the trailers are anything to go by.

The latest launch trailer begins with public demonstrations against Underwood, with masses gathered outside the White House clutching ‘Not my President’ and ‘Never Underwood’ signs. Of course, Frank doesn’t seem too perturbed by these protests, stating: “The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do. I know exactly what they need. They’re like little children…we have to hold their sticky fingers and wipe their filthy mouths.” Ever so slightly sinister.

Up against Frank in the election is the rival team of Will and Hannah Conway. These seemingly squeaky clean darlings of America were revealed to be almost as two-faced as the Underwoods in the last season. We can’t wait to see more clashes featuring these formidable opponents as they tour the US, hoping to win votes by whatever means possible.

The latest House of Cards trailer also reveals what appears to be an attempt on Claire’s life, with her being rushed into a waiting car as Secret Service agents tackle a man to the ground. Clearly tensions are high as the election looms.

As a final tease, we see brief glimpses of an FBI raid in an isolated cottage (most likely to crush an ICO plot), plus what appears to be some kind of blackmail plot over an illicit affair. So much drama, we can’t even cope.

House of Cards season 5 cast

Alongside Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood and Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, we’ll see the return of many key House of Cards cast members for series 5.

Michael Kelly returns as Doug Stamper, who once again appears to be deeply embroiled in the story’s twists and turns. Whether he’ll once again be working for the President remains to be seen, of course.

Seth Grayson is back too, as the White House Press Secretary with plenty of skeletons in his own closet. Tensions between Seth and Frank ran high in season 4, so we’re expecting Seth to be on his best behaviour for the new series.

Will and Hannah Conway appear quite a lot in the new House of Cards season 5 trailer, which is to be expected. After all, this series will focus on the vote canvassing from both sides, as the election looms.


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