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Humax HDR-1000S upgrade gives Freesat Freetime viewers a 2TB boost

Freesat viewers can now save up to 500 hours of HD recordings with a 2TB edition of the Humax HDR-1000S.

The Humax HDR-1000S 2TB costs £300 and includes the Freetime Roll Back TV guide for accessing catch-up TV from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

It extends the choice of Freesat Freetime viewing from a £99.95 single-tuner zapper box, through twin-tuner boxes with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, to an integrated Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV for around £2,000.

Humax HDR-1000S upgrade gives Freesat Freetime viewers a 2TB boost
The HDR-1000S 2TB can store enough TV for 50 days of non-stop viewing

Graham North, commercial director at Humax, said: “Increased storage space is becoming an important feature for homes that need to cater for a variety of TV tastes. 

“With an additional 900 hours of programming at your fingertips, the new HDR-1000S 2TB is offering a chance for households to overcome any recording disputes, while delivering all of the great subscription-free features of Freesat’s Freetime service.”

The twin-tuner HDR-1000S 2TB will store around 1,200 hours of standard definition TV, and the Freetime guide allows you to organise recordings in box sets so you can find what you want.

It can also be controlled through the Freesat Freetime app, which lets you browse the Freetime programme guide, change channels, set up recordings remotely, control playback, and launch catch-up TV from your phone or tablet.

One surprising omission is that it only connects to your broadband via Ethernet, and not via WiFi as on the Humax HDR-1010S.

Matthew Huntington, chief technology officer of Freesat said: “The recent launch of our Freesat App has given our viewers the ability to record their favourite shows even when they are out and about. 

“This feature coupled with the increasing number of HD channels on offer, means that the ability to store more of the great television just got even easier.”

Freesat’s line-up currently includes more than 200 standard-definition channels and 11 HD channels, all accessible through a standard Sky-style satellite dish.

Connecting to your broadband lets the HDR-1000S 2TB access catch-up TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, as well as YouTube.


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