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Hyperoptic’s bleeding edge gigabit broadband comes to Reading

Fibre ISP Hyperoptic has launched its first gigabit broadband services in Reading. 

The bleeding edge Hyperoptic service offers maximum download and upload speeds of to 1Gbps, delivered by FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections. Unlike the superfast FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based services offered by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and the like, the speeds you’ll get on an FTTP line aren’t determined by proximity to a street cabinet; if you order a gigabit broadband service a gigabit it what you’ll get. 

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Hyperoptic’s services are currently available in Portman Square, Heron House and Cygnet House, and parts of the Kennet Island new build development. As well as rolling out to more properties in Kennet Island, Hyperoptic has plans to extend its footprint across Reading by the end of the year. 

Philip Cooper, head of field sales, Hyperoptic, said: “Hyperoptic is investing heavily in infrastructure across Reading, to give residents and businesses access to the fastest broadband speeds in the UK. 

“Reading was one of the first locations we announced as part of our ‘hypercities’ programme; so it’s fantastic to confirm that services are now live across the town – we are committed to connecting thousands more residents in the coming months, so that they can live their online lives without compromise.” 

As well as Reading, Hyperoptic’s also recently started connecting customers in Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham. It’s services are also available in parts of Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Liverpool and Manchester

Hyperoptic’s entry level service gives you top download speeds of 20Mbps and maximum uploads of 1Mbps. Both the mid range 100Mbps and top tier 1Gbps service are symmetrical; in other words, the download and upload speeds are the same. 


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