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KC launches 350Mbps fibre broadband, KC Lightstream 350

KC, the Hull-based ISP has launched KC Lightstream 350, a 350Mbps service that’s being touted as the UK’s fastest full fibre broadband service. A FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) service, KC Lightstream 350 costs £99 a month with no connection fee.

Though pricier than your average broadband service, KC says that the 350Mbps top speed is ‘guaranteed’ and puts it at 50 times the speed of faster than the UK average speed of 7.6Mbps, according to Ofcom figures from February.

Whichever set of figures you compare it to, 350Mbps – guaranteed 350Mbps at that – is still pretty fast. 

£99 a month fast though? Plus £13 a month for line rental? While it is expensive, KC Lightstream 350 is a Champagne service instead of Blue WKD. You are getting what you pay for.

With no up front install fee, you’ll supposedly be able to download a 5GB HD movie in two minutes and standard def programmes on BBC iPlayer in less than a minute.

No word on download limits though. We’re assuming that you’ll get more than the 600GB download cap that comes with the KC Lightstream 100 100Mbps service.  Though the service launches today, there’s no product page over on KC’s site just yet. 

KC Lightstream 350 will be rolling out to 15,000 Hull households throughout 2012. So far, 7,500 homes can access KC’s next-gen fibre services, which includes the aforementioned KC Lightstream 100.

Customers will presumably also be able to bundle KC Lightstream 350 with the recently launched KC Connect Smart TV service, which gets you set up for on-demand services like Lovefilm and Netflix in the living room.

Update: The usage cap for KC Lightstream 350 is 750GB.