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Kinect-style PointGrab AirTouch lets you mute your TV with a shush gesture

If you’ve ever wanted to mute your TV by putting your fingers to your lips and pointing to the screen, PointGrab’s AirTouch system is for you. 

PointGrab AirTouch system, demoed at CES this year, allows you to quiet your TV by putting your finger to your lips, telling it to ‘shush’ and change channels by drawing your desired channel number in the air. 

Other gestures, such as scrubbing back and forth with your hand will let you fast-forward and rewind movies and TV episodes. 

Mute your TV by telling it to ‘shhh’, PointGrab reveals at CES 2014

PointGrab already has an exisiting relationship with Samsung’s Smart TV division and we’ve seen Kinect-esque gesture controls in action on panels like the  Angry Birds-toting Samsung ES9000

Haim Perski, CEO of PointGrab, believes that AirTouch will improve on this and take gesture recognition to the next level. Perski said: “This new experience revolutionises the way people will naturally interact with consumer electronic devices as well as home appliances. We are proud to unveil the next generation solutions in gesture recognition.” 

While AirTouch will still allow for games intended for phones to be imported to TVs, PointGrab is planning to let you control household appliances like  air conditioners, window shades and lights with gestures.

Panasonic has talked about turning future smart TVs into central control panels with Firefox OS, so there’s potential for AirTouch to be integrated here. The next Panasonic smart TV you buy could see you activating heaters and airconditioners simply by waving you arms around. 

Mr Perski has added: “We expect that in the next few years, gesture-controlled home appliances will be part of many households around the world.” 

The real question on everyone’s lips is if you twerk for your TV, will AirTouch automatically tune you in to the Kiss 100? 

If twerking is still a thing by the time AirTouch arrives on future smart TVs, we’ll be able to find out for ourselves. 

Check out PointGrab’s video below for an idea of how AirTouch could work in the living room and beyond. 


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