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LG shows off 0.97mm thick flexible TV that you can hang on your wall

LG has unveiled a flexible TV screen that’s so thin it can be stuck on your wall with magnets. How does that work? 

The 55-inch OLED panel weighs less than 1.9kg, which answers how it can be so easily mounted on virtually any wall.

Unfortunately, this super-thin concept is devoid of any ports, so there’s no way you could connect a hard drive, Sky+HD box or Xbox One with cables. Is LG looking ahead to a future where tri-band WiFi and WiGig is the norm? Possibly. 

LG’s interest in incredibly thin and bendable OLED screens is well documented and back in November 2014, the Korean giant lifted the lid on its plans for bendable, curvaceous models in every home by 2017

According to the head of LG Display’s division, Yeo Sang-deog, the company will begin to ramp up production of its OLED panels moving forward, but the main focus would remain large screens, including a 99-inch OLED TV that’s scheduled for release later in the year. 

LG isn’t alone in investigating the world or flexible telly screens. Rivals Samsung unveiled a colossal 105-inch flexible 4K TV back at IFA 2014. 

Initially a concept piece, Samsung then announced at CES 2015 that the bendable beast would actually be hitting shelves in the future


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