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Netflix adds more new content as it ditches older titles in January

Netflix will jettison less popular titles throughout January as licenses for older titles expire. 

As new titles like Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul and BoJack Horseman gallop towards the Netflix stable older titles will be led off to the digital glue factory, a process which Joris Evers, Netflix’s Director of Corporate communications, says is simply business as usual. 

Evers explains: “We have a continuous ebb and flow of titles on Netflix and that this isn’t anything new.  

“We always add titles as we secure rights and remove titles as our license expires. We are always looking to provide a great mix of things to watch that our members will love.” 

Netflix adds more new content as it ditches older titles in January
Netflix constantly refreshes its on-demand library

New incoming titles include Netflix-curated exclusives like the second season of House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Orange Is the New Black

Lauded documentary film The Square, Dreamworks movie spin-off Turbo FAST plus seasons 7 and 8 of Dexter and season 5 of Californication have come to the service in recent weeks, as has the second season of Lilyhammer

The content Netflix acquires and loses is based on real metrics and data about what subscribers want to watch as well as rights agreements with media companies including 20th Century Fox, Disney and NBC Universal. 

Throughout January 2014, Netflix says that it will be adding more titles that it will be removing, but has declined to reveal numbers. 

A list of titles thought to be landing and leaving can be found on New On Netflix, an unofficial fansite which aims to keep track of the Netflix catalogue. Netflix does not publicly reveal the size or range of its content library, but you can easily find out for yourself by signing up. 

Netflix costs £5.99/month in the UK and is available online, iOS and Android devices and selected games consoles, smart TVs and connected media players. 


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