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Netflix to launch exclusive Star Trek TV show?

Netflix is purportedly in talks to launch a Star Trek TV show, in a move that would see the first Trek series in almost a decade. 

The news comes after comments made by Star Trek writer and producer Larry Nemecek at Phoenix Comicon where he announced that Netflix had made overtures to CBS about potentially producing a new season in house. 

Will Netflix get a new Star Trek?

Purportedly, Netflix would offer CBS payment for each episode of the show streamed. CBS has owned the rights to the Star Trek franchise since 2005, when it split from Viacom and retained the rights to Paramount Pictures’ programming. 

There’s no word on whether the new series would be set in the JJ Abrams alternative timeline, or the one originally conceived by Trek founder Gene Rodenberry. 

Nemecek was eager to distance himself from any speculation around the future of the Trek series. On his blog, he stated that whilst there had been discussions between Netflix and CBS to produce a new series, there are no concrete plans to do so. 

In recent years, Netflix has produced a number of original programming, including the hugely popular House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Back, and earned its first Academy Award nomination in 2013 with the Netflix Original film The Square

-Matthew Hughes


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