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Nintendo Switch Setup Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: We got our hands on the new Nintendo Switch early and discovered a few handy features that you might want to toy with when you setup your Nintendo console up for the first time. Here’s our run-down of the best hidden Nintendo Switch features.

We’ve already unboxed and setup the Nintendo Switch and shared our full hands-on review of this versatile new games console. So far we’re definitely impressed by the smart design, and we haven’t even blasted our way through the new Zelda game yet.

In our time with the Nintendo Switch we’ve discovered a few hidden features, shortcuts and other cool bits. So we’re sharing them here in our Switch tips and tricks feature.

Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: Home button long-press

Nintendo Switch tips and tricks screen 2

You’ll spend most of your time in the system setting when you want to change fundamental aspects of the underlying software experience, but holding the home button from anywhere within the Switch’s UI lets you set it into sleep mode immediately, change the brightness slider or enable/disable its auto-brightness sensor and flip the console into flight mode.

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Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: Viewing battery percentage

Nintendo Switch tips and tricks screen 1

Whilst on the Switch’s main home screen you can actually glance at exact battery percentage rather than just estimated based on how full the indicator icon it. Tap on the battery icon using the touchscreen and the Switch will throw up its current charge in percent for a second.

Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: Skip the user selection screen

If you’re the sole user of a Nintendo Switch then you might not need this handy feature, but if you’re sharing your new console with your siblings, friends or you’ve bought one for your kids then you might get fed up having to pick your specific profile every time you want to play with your own content.

Nintendo Switch tips and tricks screen 3

Thankfully there’s an easy way to streamline the login process if you know you’re claiming dominion over it, for a time at least. Simply head into the system settings, tap or select the ‘User’ section and then toggle the ‘Skip Selection Screen’ option on or off accordingly.

Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: Customise auto-sleep mode

Sleep mode minimises power draw without needing to turn the Switch off completely. You can manually activate it by tapping the power button or selecting it from the settings menu, but you can also customise how long it takes to activate automatically from within the System Settings.

Nintendo Switch tips and tricks screen 5

You have independent control over when it kicks in for both the console’s native screen and when it’s plugged into a television, which are set to 10 minutes and 1 hour by default respectively, as well as the option the disable it during media playback. Leaving this option off means the Switch will automatically sleep after four hours of continuous media playback.

Nintendo Switch tips, tricks and best hidden features: Charging whilst powered off

Just as with some phones (such as iPhones) the Switch prefers to always be on. As such plugging it in when it’s initially powered off results in it turning itself back on and entering sleep mode. If you want to charge your Switch a little faster, plugging it and then turning off the console should allow you to charge it, without it simply laying dormant.


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