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How to get YouTube 360 video on Shield TV: Enjoy live, immersive video on Nvidia’s streaming box

The latest YouTube app update on Nvidia’s Shield TV streaming box adds YouTube 360 video support, as well as some other very cool video features. Here’s how to get YouTube 360 on Shield and everything else you need to know.

Imagine immersive and fully live 360 degree video streaming right there on your big screen TV at home, in real time. Imagine no more, as long as you own a Shield TV streaming box, as now you can experience it for yourself.

Nvidia has announced that its Shield TV boxes will now be able to offer YouTube 360 video support, including live streams from creators, thanks to its fresh new system update. Yup, all of that power in your Shield TV console is finally being pushed to its limits with these surround screen videos.

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YouTube 360 on Shield TV: What can it do?

Once you’ve updated your Shield TV, you can enjoy all of the virtual 360 degree videos that YouTube has to offer. This works via the box itself, so no matter the TV you use, it will still offer the videos in surround vision.

That means that you can look around a full 360 degrees in any compatible video, using the controller.

YouTube 360 on Shield TV: How does it work?

Thanks to the already decent remote included with the Shield TV box you’ll be able to navigate the 360 degree videos with just a push of the directional pad. So while you won’t be able to properly glance around like you can with a VR headset, you’ll be able to change the video’s perspective with a couple of taps.

While the remote itself uses a directional pad, Nvidia’s Shield controller offers the ability to pan the view of a YouTube 360 video using the thumbstick instead. This method will likely be a bit easier to handle and feel more natural.

YouTube 360 on Shield TV: What videos can I watch?

Since YouTube 360 has been around for a while, you can enjoy plenty of content that’s already available right away. That means streaming extreme sports videos in a first-person perspective, as well as enjoying music concerts as if you were really there. With a lot more immersive videos besides to get stuck into.

What’s rather unique here is the ability to watch more than old videos that have been recorded and uploaded in 360 degree vision. This new update will also allow the Shield TV to keep up with live streams in 360 degrees. Expect some very cool video content to be coming live in this immersive format, so you can feel like you’re really at all kinds of spectacular events. Well, almost at least.

YouTube 360 on Shield TV: How and when can I update?

Nvidia announced this update to the Shield TV’s YouTube app on July 24, although we don’t have a specific release date just yet. Rather, the tech giant has simply said that it will be available “very soon”.

In order to update your Shield TV to support YouTube 360 content, you simply need to update your YouTube app from within the device’s menu screen. Keep your eyes peeled for the new version so you can get immersed in 360 degree videos on your big screen TV.


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