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O2 WiFi hops on Virgin Media London Underground network 11 days early

O2 customers in the capital can now hop on Virgin Media’s London Underground WiFi network for free. 

Access for O2 customers was meant to be live on July 22 but we’ve heard from Virgin Media, and confirmed for ourselves, that O2 customers can indeed get back on the network for free. 

You’ll need to be registered with O2 Wifi in order to access the network. This is free to do but if you’ve not done it already it might be a good idea to do that before you get on the tube tonight. 

O2 WiFi hops on Virgin Media London Underground network 11 days early
Forgive the blurrycam. It’s hard to keep still when London commuters bustle past you.

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Virgin Media on London Underground WiFi and O2 WifiGary Booker, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2, says: “We’re excited to bring inclusive Underground WiFi to all O2 customers. Our customers want to stay connected wherever they are and now they are able to check their email, update their Facebook status, shop online, book their next holiday and stay connected to their friends and family right across Tube stations in Central London as part of their O2 service.”

When Virgin Media launched its London Underground network last year it was open to everyone until January 29. Since then, EE, Vodafone and now O2 have signed deals with Virgin Media providing free access for their customers. The only ones left out of the Underground loop now are Three customers. 

Mark Williamson, Head of London WiFi at Virgin Media said: “WiFi on London Underground connects thousands of commuters and visitors every single day and we’re delivering a brilliant online experience thanks to Virgin Media’s unique fibre optic network. We’re delighted O2 is on board and helping us keep the majority of Londoners connected at no extra cost.” 

Those who don’t have EE, Vodafone or O2 phones who still want to get on can pay £2/day for access of £5/week or £15/month. 


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