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Pop Telecom spikes price hikes with Broadband for Life bundle

Budget ISP Pop Telecom’s Broadband for Life bundle comes with a cast-iron price promise; no hikes for the duration of the contract. 

While many ISPs tend to crank up costs of things like line rental and voicemail at regular intervals, Pop Telecom promises that customers who sign up for Broadband for Life – which consists of unlimited ADSL broadband and anytime landline calls won’t go up in price. 

Pop Telecom’s sales director Roy Abbott said: “The broadband market is often saturated with providers offering ‘the best deal’ only for customers to find that prices get increased further down the line. 

“We are committed to providing clear pricing information and the Broadband for Life tariff is no exception.”

The broadband element of the bundle is technically ‘free’; the anytime calls service, which covers you for calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers, costs £6/month. Line rental is charged at £16.99/month. This all works out at £22.99/month in total. 

This 24 month deal isn’t as cheap as Direct Save’s latest deal or Fuel Broadband’s current free broadband promotion. The guarantee that you’ll be shielded from any future price rises might give you peace of mind that’s currently not on offer elsewhere. 

If you’re less bothered about landline calls and you just want a broadband only service, then Pop Telecom offers a 24 month contract which costs £1/month for the first year and £10/month after that, for which you’ll get an unlimited ADSL service with download speeds of up to 17Mbps. 

While all of Pop Telecom’s services are listed as unlimited, it’s currently not possible to see if any peak time traffic management is applied. The link to the Fair Usage Policy page currently redirects to Pop Telecom’s homepage

Update: Pop Telecom’s Roy Abbott got in touch to clarify his company’s position on traffic shaping – that is to say Pop Telecom doesn’t do it, ever.

Abbott said: “At Pop Telecom, unlike some other providers, our customers experience no traffic shaping. We simply want our customers to enjoy their broadband freely, so we won’t slowdown broadband down at peak times allowing our unlimited broadband to be just that, unlimited.”


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