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Recombu Awards 2016: Best broadband and digital package of the year

We reveal the winner of the Recombu Award for best broadband and digital package of 2016, as well as the full shortlist of celebrated nominees.

Home broadband is getting better all the time and in 2016 we saw some seriously competitive deals from UK providers. We now demand reliable connections and blistering speeds in order to stream 4K video from the likes of Netflix, or frag our friends in the latest online games. But at the same time, we’re always searching for a solid deal.

Here’s our pick of the best broadband and digital package of 2016, as well as all of the excellent runner-up packages that also come highly recommended.

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Best broadband and digital package winner: Virgin Media Vivid

This year’s winner of the best broadband and digital package is Virgin Media, for the super-nippy Vivid offering.

As advertised by the also-quite-quick Usain Bolt, Virgin Media’s Vivid package offers up to 200Mbps download speeds right there in your home. That’s perfect for some serious gaming sessions, as well as streaming Ultra HD video to multiple rooms in your connected household.

Prices start at just £37 per month, which is impressive value for money considering the service you’re getting in return. That’s why Virgin Media is the worthy winner of our best broadband and digital package award in 2016.

Best broadband and digital package nominee: BT Unlimited Infinity

For £40 per month (including line rental), you can bag yourself the super-charged BT Unlimited Infinity package, which offers up to 52Mbps speeds. You also have the option to add on BT Sport, great news for any footy fans who want to stream the latest games in glorious 4K.

Best broadband and digital package nominee: Plusnet Unlimited Broadband

Plusnet continues to impress when it comes to value for money. Unlimited Broadband packages start from £25 per month, which offers you 17Mbps speeds and now includes line rental charges. Or if you live in a more demanding household, you can bag up to 76Mbps speeds via Plusnet’s Fibre Extra Broadband package, which costs just £32.50 per month.

Best broadband and digital package nominee: Sky Fibre Broadband

Sky doesn’t just offer some ridiculously good telly packages. If you want to make the most of your home entertainment setup, you’ll need some nippy Broadband to stream the latest movies in 4K resolution. Which is where the Superfast Sky Fibre Unlimited package comes in, dishing up reliable and fast internet.

Best broadband and digital package nominee: TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband

TalkTalk also offers a full range of broadband packages, up to super-speedy Fibre Unlimited contracts. Standard internet packages cost from £22.95 per month, while Fibre connections cost just a few pounds more, starting from £27 per month.

Check out our broadband speed tester tool if you want to test out your own broadband quality.


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