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Sky broadband network slops up Terabits of data to customers

Sky’s 4.9 million broadband customers are gobbling data at Terabit speeds across the UK.

The Sky network has crossed the one Terabit-per-second milestone, the equivalent of downloading 128GB per second.

There’s no easy ‘Wales unit’ for data, but Sky suggests this would be the equivalent of everyone in Edinburgh watching a movie on Sky’s network at once – an Edinburgh of consumption is born.

Sky broadband network slops up Terabits of data to customers
Edinburgh, big enough to slurp a Terabit of data all at once

Lyssa McGowan, director of communications products at Sky, said: “It is a reflection of the way people use the internet today that we have hit this milestone on our network, which now reaches 84 per cent of UK homes.
“Over recent years, data consumption has grown exponentially. Thanks to home WiFi, we’re now seeing several people online at the same time in the same home – whether that’s at their PC or laptop or, latterly, browsing on their tablets and smartphones while watching television.  

“This has come at the same time as an explosion in online video, online gaming and, in particular, TV on demand, with more and more of it in HD.

“At Sky we’re proud to have been a part of supporting this trend this through innovative services like Sky Go, and that’s why our cutting-edge broadband network has been built with video in mind.”

The creation of this previously unremarked networking milestone serves to remind potential Sky Broadband customers that Sky’s never had any usage caps, fair-use policies or traffic management on its unlimited products.

In other download analogy news, last year BT’s WiFi hotspots carried enough data to stream The Hobbit in HD non-stop for 1,042 years.

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