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Sky overtakes Virgin Media as top triple play provider of TV, broadband and home phone

In the digital TV and broadband game of thrones Sky has posted results laying claim to the crown; following a record quarter of growth, more than 3.2 million of UK homes that have Sky are taking the full ‘triple play’ deck of services – digital TV, broadband and home phone – from Sky – rather than mixing and matching.

This works out as a third of Sky’s total subscriber base. The massive period of growth happened in the first three months of this year; 212,000 new Sky Broadband customers and 220,000 new Sky Talk customers signed up, which works out at a customer switching to Sky broadband or phone every 18 seconds.

Sky overtakes Virgin Media as top triple play provider of TV, broadband and home phone

3.9 million Sky homes now take their broadband from Sky, with over 3.6 million subscribing to Sky Talk. Just under 3.4 million customers take their line rental from Sky too. Sky’s TV customer base has also swollen slightly, adding 15,000 more bannermen in the first three months of the year. Collectively, Sky homes now subscribe to 27.7 million Sky products.

Sky’s Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch said in a statement: “When we launched our home communications services we believed we could be successful by introducing some much needed choice and competition to the market. I’m delighted that six years on from launch our customers are still responding in record numbers and that our sustained growth means we’re now the nation’s favourite TV, broadband and home phone provider. And the great news is that millions more customers have the opportunity to get a better experience and save money by switching their broadband and talk to Sky.”

Sky has also recently launched its Sky Cloud Wi-Fi app, (check out our hands-on video here) allowing Sky broadband subscribers to connect to over 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots across venues in the UK from their iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Sky 3.2 million, Virgin Media 3.1 million

Virgin Media recently posted first quarter results for 2012, showing growth in its broadband subscriber base. The cable broadband provider now has over 4.38 million broadband subscribers, with 677,100 homes taking up the new Virgin Media TiVo box.

723,000, 15 per cent of Virgin’s customers, now have broadband, TV, home and mobile phones from Virgin – the full ‘quad play’ package of Virgin Media’s services.

Sky overtakes Virgin Media as top triple play provider of TV, broadband and home phone

In terms of triple play customers, i.e. TV, broadband and home phone, Sky has finally overtaken Virgin Media with 3.2 million customers compared to 3.1 million.

In total, Virgin Media’s customer base has swollen to 4.8 million – retaining the figure it had last year. An impressive consolidation but in stark contrast to Sky’s recent gains.