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TalkTalk: Free unlimited broadband, half price line rental and one month of Sky Movies on Black Friday

Not to be outdone by BT, TalkTalk has unleashed a string of very competitive Black Friday deals. 

First up is a deal that’ll see you get its usual unlimited up to 17Mbps ADSL service for nothing for 18 months. 

On top of this, the standard rate of line rental – £17.70/month – is slashed in half down to £8.85/month for the first 12 months of the contract. This means you’ll pay just £212.40 for the entire year and a half you’re with TalkTalk. 

If you want a bit more bandwidth, then you’ll also be able to get the up to 38Mbps FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and take advantage of the same half price for 12 months line rental deal. The monthly cost for this faster service is £5/month. Normally there’s a £50 connection fee associated with TalkTalk’s superfast FTTC services, but this has been waived for this particular deal. 

A free TalkTalk-branded Huawei wireless router is bundled with both packages and if you want this, the standard charge of £6.95 for postage and packaging applies. 

If you want more from TalkTalk that just cheap Internet access, there’s a half price broadband TV and calls Black Friday bundle going too. 

The main Plus TV bundle – normally £20/month – has also been axed by 50 per cent for Black Friday. 

This £10/month discount remains in effect for the duration of the 18 month contract. Again, the same 12 months half price line rental offer applies here. 

To top it all off, TalkTalk is also giving customers with TalkTalk TV the option of getting one month of the Sky Movies Boost (normally £15/month) for free. All TalkTalk TV Boosts are taken on a rolling monthly basis, which means you can cancel at any time and sign up again whenever suits you. 

The Sky Movies Boost gives you access to all 11 Sky Movies channels, which will be showing big-name hits like Exodus: Gods and Kings, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Big Hero 6, American Sniper and Cinderella over Christmas. 

TalkTalk’s Black Friday deals are running from now until Monday, November 30. 


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