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TalkTalk trialling new Plus TV set top box

TalkTalk is trialling a new set top box to be bundled with its YouView-based Plus TV service. 

Sources tell us that the new box is made by Huawei and will more or less feature the same external design as the current Plus TV box. 

The same record, pause, rewind and fast forward functionality will be present, the user interface will be the same the hard drive will be the same size as the current one (350GB). 

TalkTalk trialling new Plus TV set top box
The current TalkTalk Plus TV box in all its Huawei-made glory

Read our guide to TalkTalk TVA post over on TalkTalk Labs, advertising the new box for trialists reveals scant details, but promises ‘improved hardware components’. 

TalkTalk’s spokespeople declined to reveal any further information beyond this. We understand from sources that there won’t be fundamental differences. We’re told that there’s a logo for Dolby Pulse on the outside of the box this time, but Dolby Pulse digital audio compression is already supported by YouView, so there’s nothing new to report here. 

Trial of the forthcoming, stripped-down Essentials box should be taking place soon ahead of a launch later this year. This is an entry-level TV product that is expected to be bundled free with TalkTalk Essentials broadband services, in the same way that Plus TV is bundled with TalkTalk Plus broadband, althogh TalkTalk has not released pricing details for this yet. 

Summer is over and winter is coming and there will the TalkTalk Essentials TV box will be out in the autumn. 


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