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TalkTalk TV could beat BT to the first million milestone

TalkTalk TV, the YouView-based catch-up centric service from TalkTalk, has added 175,000 customers over the last three months. 

The latest results for TalkTalk see its TV service edging ever closer to signing its millionth customer, a milestone which chief executive Dido Harding wants to pass in the coming quarter. 

TalkTalk TV’s subscriber base now stands at 732,000, placing it behind fellow YouView partner BT TV. 

TalkTalk TV could beat BT to the first million milestone

With 956,000 customers, BT is currently closer to that magic million mark, but the higher rate of growth enjoyed by TalkTalk TV suggests it that it could get there first. 

BT added just 53,000 new customers in the same period of time as TalkTalk added over double that amount. In the previous quarter, BT added 70,000 new customers while TalkTalk signed up 167,000 new homes

More TalkTalk TV customers are taking advantage of the on-demand offerings available to them. 

Over 25 per cent of customers continue to buy extra streaming channels including Sky Movies and Sky Sports and 72,600 more customers watched on-demand movies than in the previous quarter.  

Dido Harding said: “We are delighted with the material step up in our revenue growth during the quarter, which shows the powerful effect of combining a modestly growing customer base, disciplined pricing and promotional activity, and strong new product growth particularly in TV.”

Broadband figures revealed that the possibility of TalkTalk TV, alongside a transformative difference in broadband performance, is a key reason for customers in the sub-2Mbps doledrums to sign up for TalkTalk fibre-based broadband. 

Like TalkTalk TV, BT TV offers Sky Movies and Sky Sports. BT TV also offers BT Sport and therefore the opportunity to get all of the premier league games on one service. 

BT Sport, Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 are only available to customers via a BT Vision+ box with a BT Infinity fibre-based broadband package. BT Vision+, unlike BT YouView, doesn’t offer the same programme guide that provides seamless access to catch-up services. 


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