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BT repair UK storm and flood damage in north east Scotland

BT engineers have announced that homes and firms in parts of Scotland disconnected from broadband and phone services by the Christmas storms and floods are now back online. 

Areas across north east Scotland have been given the all-clear by Openreach, BT’s network division. 

An Openreach spokesperson reported that the areas has been restored to pre-storm levels as of 23:59PM on Monday, January 13. 

BT repair UK storm and flood damage in south west Scotland and Highlands & Islands
Flooded with work: Openreach engineers continue to battle the elements

In it’s near-constant battle with the British elements, Openreach has had its work cut out this year. 

Prior to the extreme weather which struck the British Isles during the Christmas and New Year’s period, engineers were busy reconnecting places knocked offline by St. Jude’s Storm. It was a similar story a year ago, when engineers were called out over the holidays to reconnect tens of thousands of people. 

Despite Openreach’s best efforts, there are still locations in the north east of Scotland waiting to be reconnected. South of the border, folks in Cumbria and central and southern Wales are still without broadband and/or phone services. 

Parts of Truro, Exeter and Taunton remain offline, as do parts of Bournemouth, Southampton. Locations in Crayford, Croydon, Esher and Guildford also remain offline. 

The most recent bouts of extreme weather has seen Openreach receive a record number of requests for repairs. Repair jobs are being prioritised in order to get people reconnected as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for Openreach said: “The damage and fault volumes we have seen in some areas due to the weather are so severe that we need to prioritise as much available resource as possible to repair to bring these areas back [to normal] as soon as possible.” 



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