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Virgin Media bungs beer pong kit in with 9 month Student Broadband deals

Virgin Media is pitching its latest student broadband deals squarely at wreckheads – the cable network is including a beer pong kit with all Quick Start self-install pack. 

For those of you who’ve never played it, beer pong involves plastic cups of beer (or whatever you’re drinking) arranged into triangles and ping pong balls. If you successfully bounce a ball off the table and into an opponent’s cup, they have to down the whole thing in one and vice versa. 

More importantly, Virgin’s nine month student broadband deals are ideal for second and third year students, who are typically living in rented digs. Most fixed-line services are 12 or 18 months long as standard, which is too long, unless you’re planning on sticking around for the summer after studies. 

Should that happen, Virgin Media says that students who want to stick around between June, July and August will be able to extend the service for an extra three months. Best of all, there’s no line rental for these broadband-only services, so you’ll be immune from the seasonal price rises that have already kicked in for BT and TalkTalk customers and will be applied to Sky punters this December

Here’s how those packages all break down. 

Download speed Monthly Price
50Mbps £32
100Mbps £37
200Mbps £44.50

If you want to cash in on this, you’ll need to be quick – Virgin Media is shuttering the deal at the end of October. 

You’ll obviously need to be living in a cabled area in order to get Virgin Media broadband. If the postcode of your rented accommodation checks out, simply head to your nearest Virgin Media high street store and ask for a Quick Start self-install pack.  

Whatever else you’re doing, make sure you’re studying something useful like physics, engineering or economics. Don’t do what we did and get a BA (Hons) in Something Media Related. 


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