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Virgin Media TiVo apps: Champions League app kicks off

As well as kicking off on both ITV and Sky, Champions League action completes a digital TV hat-trick – punters with Virgin Media TiVo can now enjoy the action in smart TV app form.

Virgin Media TV customers with both TiVo and a Sky Sports subscription can access up to eight games at once.

Virgin Media TiVo apps: Champions League app kicks off

When multiple matches are being played, you can find out when a goal has been scored when you’re watching a different game. You can choose to have a ticker-tape notifier run across the bottom of the screen or press the red button and then be taken to a live stream of another game.

As well as this, stat fans can gorge themselves on tables, fixtures and records as well as read breaking news stories.

The Champions League is available from the Apps & Games section of your TiVo menu now.

September 18, 2012

Virgin Media have partnered with the God Damn Batman (actually Warner Bros.) for the launch of The Dark Knight Rises in UK cinemas.

The TiVo app gives bat-fans the chance to stream previews and clips as well as read bios for all of the main characters including new bad guy Bane.

Naturally for those thirsty for a catch-up there’s the ability to launch Batman Begins (via Virgin on-demand) through the TiVo app.

July 19, 2012

Virgin Media TiVo have partnered with Teletext Holidays to offer a smart TV version of the popular holiday deals service.

A staple of Freeview for years now, Teletext Holidays is also available online, on iPhone and iPad and on most Android devices. It’s now available on Virgin Media TiVo too – happy (holi)days.

July 5, 2012

Virgin Media has partnered with dance contest reality show Living The Dream to bring an app to TiVo set top boxes.

The Living The Dream app features interviews with the cast plus information on dance classes near you plus footage from past episodes.

June 14, 2012

Set your faces to stunned – Virgin Media has launched its Star Trek Tivo app to coincide with CBS Action’s broadcast of Star Trek: The Digitally Remastered Original Series.

The app features interviews with member of the original cast including Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and naturally William Shatner.

June 27, 2012

BBC Sport has launched an app for Virgin Media TiVo viewers.

This gives viewers access to live streams of Formula 1 races, live driver trackers and on-board cameras. Live coverage of Euro 2012 football, Wimbledon and London 2012 Olympic games will also be accessible through the app.

What are Virgin Media TiVo apps?

Virgin Media TiVo as well as letting you record up to three programmes at once also comes with access to a growing catalogue of smart TV apps.

These include access to additional TV channels and live on-demand streams like BBC Sport and Champions League as well as services like Teletext Holidays. Music fans can also browse, create and play their Spotify playlists through the Virgin Media TiVo box.

New channels showcasing programmes like the Star Trek app are filled with extra on-demand content akin to special features and deleted scenes found on DVD/Blu-ray box sets. Then there’s the BBC iPlayer app which lets you access the last seven days’ worth of programmes from the BBC, the YouTube app, for those times when you need to show off the latest cat video and the eBay app, if you’re desperate to chase down a rare crocodile Beanie Baby from the comfort of your living room.