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Where can I try HTC Vive VR in London?

Where to try out HTC’s Vive VR experience in London, UK. If you’re thinking of buying the Vive, chances are you’ll want to test it in-store first. One such place you can try the Vive here in London is Sandbox, a funky and friendly space in Shoreditch. Here’s all you need to know.

If you’ve not yet stepped into the immersive virtual reality worlds created by the HTC Vive, you’re seriously missing out. Sure, we can write all the descriptive words at our disposal to help you imagine what it’s like. But until you try it for yourself, you won’t really know just how incredible and engaging the Vive (and its most notable rivals) can be.

Thankfully that experience is something you can now check out here in London, without the need to remortgage the house first.

If you’re thinking about popping a stack of cash on the Vive, we recommend testing it our for yourself first at a venue such as Sandbox. This new London space was created specifically to let people get hands-on (and in the case of VR, face-on) with some of the coolest and latest tech. Stuff that needs to be played around with to truly appreciate.

Here’s all you need to know about Sandbox and testing out the Vive for yourself.

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What is Sandbox and how does it let you experience Vive?

Sandbox is a space set up in London’s Brick Lane which is open to one and all. The idea is to offer a comfortable area where companies can show off their products, which would otherwise prove inaccessible to the general public.

Vive is of course not cheap, plus it requires a powerful PC to run. Not to mention a large, clear space for you to swing, duck and dodge about in. All of that rules out most people from buying it, while those with the necessary funds might still be on the fence until they get a chance to test it out.

Sandbox bridges the gap between Vive’s creators (HTC) and the rest of us, giving anyone the ability to enjoy VR experiences without committing serious funds. Sandbox also boasts the latest Vive accessories, in case you’re thinking of supplementing your Vive setup with some new gear.

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How can I try Vive at Sandbox?

You don’t need to book or give any kind of prior notice to try the Vive experience out. Simply pop along to the Sandbox setup next to the Truman Brewery, right by Brick Lane. Presuming there’s no massive queue, you’ll be able to strap on the headset and test out some of the latest Vive games.

Check out the Sandbox website for more info on where Sandbox can be found and how to get there.

What is the Vive experience like at Sandbox?

The Vive setup at Sandbox offers the full experience. That means dedicated controllers for interacting with the virtual environments, plus room-based sensors to detect your motions. There’s also plenty of space to move around in, so you shouldn’t find yourself slamming into any walls. Likewise, the Vive itself offers virtual edges to its digital worlds, which appear when you’re close to the edge of the real room.

The VR headset will be fitted comfortably to your skull by someone who knows what they’re doing, getting you all set up without any fumbling. Sandbox’s crew know everything there is to know about the tech on show, so you can have all of your questions answered too.

Vive experiences on offer include firing cannons at invading aliens, exploring the depths of the ocean, immersing yourself in a Portal game and virtual 3D painting in the air with fire.

What’s more once you’re done sampling the delights of VR on the Vive, Sandbox features a range of other cutting-edge tech that you can learn about and try for yourself.

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