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Which Nintendo Switch Accessories should I get? Our pick of the essentials

What are the most essential Nintendo Switch accessories for the ultimate gaming experience on the go? From luminous Joy-Cons and nifty stands to ultra-tough cases and protective bags, here’s our pick of the best Nintendo Switch accessories that you should buy.

Here at Recombu Towers we’re completely addicted to the Nintendo Switch. This console is super flexible, allowing you to blast through Nintendo titles wherever you roam – be it planes, trains or simply lounging around in the garden.

Of course, if you’re always taking your Switch on the road, you’ll want to deck it out with the following must-have accessories. Cases to carry your Switch and games collection; covers to protect your Nintendo console; even stands so you can prop up the console to play on the go.

Want the best of the best? Here’s which Nintendo Switch accessories you should get before setting off on any trips.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair – Neon Yellow

One of the most innovative parts of the Nintendo Switch is the Joy-Con controllers, which can be slotted onto the console or operate independently. You can even split them and share one with a friend, to kick their ass at Mario Kart.

Nintendo offers the Joy-Cons in a small selection of colours. Our favourite finish is definitely this neon effort however, which really helps your console to stand out. It’s bright, it’s in-your-face and it adds some personality to the portable device.

They operate exactly the same way as other Joy-Cons, with the full set of buttons as well as built-in accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Note that you don’t get a Joy-Con grip included, however; you’ll need to buy one of those separately.

Cost from Amazon: £74.99

Orzly Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch (twin pack)

Any device that you carry around and use on the move needs added protection, just in case of a sudden, unexpected tumble. After all, you don’t want to scratch up your Switch’s screen because it slipped from your grip (or because you shoved it into your bag without any kind of case or cover).

One way to keep that display clean and fresh is slapping on one of these handy screen protectors. The tempered glass construction is reassuringly tough, resisting scuffs and scratches from pretty much any sharp objects it comes into contact with. Even knives are repelled with impressive ease.

Despite being as tough as a week-old kebab, the Orzly Switch screen protector is also seriously slim. Roughly a quarter of a millimetre thick in fact, which of course means no visual distortion or other ill effects.

As far as Switch accessories go, this one’s a no brainer.

Cost from Amazon: £8.99

AMDISI Nintendo Switch Crystal Shockproof Hard Cover Case

If you’re worried about damaging your Switch when out and about, this AMDISI case will provide some much-needed peace of mind. The hard cover snaps over your Nintendo console and helps to protect the device from bangs, drops, scratches and the rest. It’s slim and light, so it won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your Switch either.

To sweeten the deal, you even get a tempered glass screen protector thrown in with your purchase. That means the display as well as the body of the console will be protected when you’re on the move. Two accessories for the price of one? Sorted.

Cost from Amazon: £12.99

HORI Switch Compact PlayStand

One of the only problems with getting stuck into multiplayer Switch games on the move is propping up the console so all players can see the screen. That’s where this nifty stand from HORI comes in.

Slip the Switch into the PlayStand and it’ll be held firm, with rubber feet to prevent any kind of slippage even when used on transport. You get three different angle settings too, so you get a clear view no matter how and where you’re gaming. Best of all, the stand allows a charger to be connected to the console during use, so you can keep the device powered up while getting your Mario Kart on.

Cost from Amazon: £9.99

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag

Although cases and screen protectors are a great idea if you regularly take the Nintendo Switch out, you’ll want to consider some kind of travel bag as well, for easy transportation of the various accessories and games.

We recommend this officially licensed carrier, which has plenty of room to fit the Shield itself as well as Joy-Cons, charger and other necessary bits. Separate compartments help to keep everything ordered, with no wiggle room. There’s plenty of padding to protect your goodies, while the strap is also comfortable for carrying around on journeys.

Cost from Amazon: £24.99

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Strap – Neon Yellow

Maybe you can’t afford those neon yellow Joy-Cons featured earlier in our round-up of the best Nintendo Switch accessories. In that case, settle for the next best thing: this cool luminous strap, which adds some awesome colour to your console. For a fiver, this thing costs less than your average London pint. Not a steep price for some serious style.

Cost from Amazon: £4.99

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