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Car thieves sentenced after using a Game Boy lookalike to steal vehicles

A gang of car thieves in Yorkshire used a device cunningly disguised as a Nintendo Game Boy in order to break into vehicles.

If you thought it was impossible to complete Grand Theft Auto on a Game Boy, you’re in for a surprise. Well, sort of.

A gang of car thieves in Yorkshire has been sentenced after having used a handheld electronic device disguised as Nintendo’s iconic console in order to steal £180,000 worth of vehicles.

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The BBC reports that the three men had stolen five Mitsubishi Outlanders using the gadget, which is estimated to cost £20,000, to bypass the vehicle’s security system and start up the ignition in just a matter of seconds.

West Yorkshire Police said that the “significant investment required to buy one of the sophisticated devices suggested the thefts were planned and orchestrated crimes”.

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The above video posted by West Yorkshire Police includes CCTV footage of one such car theft, along with a video recovered from one of the convict’s smartphones showing him using the device to access the vehicle as he narrates with evident glee.

The thefts of these five cars was part of a much wider problem that has seen 30 Mitsubishi Outlanders stolen from addresses in West Yorkshire over the months of May, June, and July of 2021.

Of the three men who pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to steal at Leeds Crown Court, Dylan Armer (29) was given a 30-month prison sentence, while Christopher Bowes (33) and Thomas Poulson (31) were handed 22-month prison terms, suspended for two years. Game over.


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