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Cyberpunk bugs getting you down? Check out this magnificent Minecraft version of Night City instead

If your Cyberpunk experience has been marred by irritating glitches, then why not leave it behind and try out Night City on Minecraft instead?

Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be one of the year’s flagship games, and yet it’s left a bitter taste in the mouth of some customers. After an eight-month delay to its release date, the blockbuster RPG still contains game-breaking glitches that have ruined its highly-anticipate debut, especially on previous-gen PS4 and Xbox One consoles. The problems were so extensive that the publisher, CD Projekt Red, actually offered refunds just four days after release, along with a promise to patch up the game by February.

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While this is immensely dispiriting, there’s now another way to experience the delights and thrills of Night City, thanks to the magic of Minecraft.

The hypnotising video above swoops around the majestic skyline of Night City, and even though it’s not an exact replica it certainly looks like it would keep you entertained for hours as you explored every nook and cranny. The astonishing neon lights and the vaunting skyscrapers are a feast for the eyes, and it’s not at all hard to believe that the construction took Elysium Fire, an expert team of Minecraft builders, 18 months to complete.

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Of course, you won’t get the full Cyberpunk experience from this incredible creation, no matter how detailed. The open world RPG lets you get up to all manner of weird and wacky activities in its sprawling dystopia, from underground fighting tournaments to visiting the red light district – the kind of pastimes that are distinctly incompatible with Minecraft’s kid-friendly reputation.

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However, if your existing system already struggled to play Cyberpunk 2077, you might have a bad time trying to run this on the maximum settings, as it’s sure to be extremely demanding. But as long as you remember to adjust setting such as shaders and render distance, then you could be in luck. In an exchange with PC Gamer, Elysium Fire founder Jeremy Sanchez claims that: “My old configuration ran the build correctly. It was an i5 generation with an Nvidia GTX MSI 970.”

If that sounds about your level, then what’s stopping you? Get the PC booted up, and lose yourself in the Cyberpunk cityscape.


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