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Do you hate the Apple TV remote? For once, 2020 has some good news for you

The Apple TV remote has come in for plenty of criticism, but finally there could be a solution on the way in the form of a reworked alternative zapper.

Universal Electronics has produced a new remote, compatible with Apple TV, and we’re hoping that it’s a big improvement on the existing option.

It’s fair to say that not everyone is a fan of the original remote. Though the brand is generally renowned for combining a distinctive style with excellent ergonomics, but it seemed like they missed a trick with the remote.

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Frequent complaints include the fact that it’s too slim, meaning that it can all too easily slip between the cushions of your sofa – infuriating when you want to change the channel quickly and assure your partner that you’re just watching a “normal film, just a normal film!” late at night, on your own, in your underwear.

Another irritation is that it requires frequent recharging, and like all products on the ecosystem, you have to use Apple’s proprietary Lightning port which is used by precisely zero non-Apple products.

The glass touchpad has also been criticised for being imprecise and scattergun when the user wants to make a selection from the on-screen menu.

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So now all eyes are on the Universal Electronics remote and whether or not it’ll be the improvement we’ve all been waiting for.

Well for starters it’s got a lot more handy buttons, such as for rewind and fast-forward, that the original lacks. And on top of that, compatibility is strong too, with a microphone that will let you talk with Siri, and an MFi authentication chip for seamless integration with Apple hardware.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on this zapper to see if it really is better than the default, and let’s hope that it encourages Apple to make some user-friendly adjustments of its own.


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