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Do you still care about BlackBerry? Time to let your opinion be heard

It almost seems unreal that we’re still talking about BlackBerry in 2020, but recent news of a resurgence has left us all asking the same question – does anyone still care about BlackBerry? Well, by putting the question out to our readers, it’s time to find out.

Once a beloved brand by professionals and text-addicts alike, BlackBerry had a rough go of things in the 2010s. As the growing success of the iPhone and Android devices paved the way for today’s smartphone landscape, the idea of having a dedicated keyboard seemed like an ancient concept when compared with a touchscreen. Bye bye BlackBerry’s signature feature.

The company has largely survived the last few years by licensing its brand to Chinese-manufacturer TCL, a partnership that came to an end on August 31st 2020. Luckily for BlackBerry fans, a last minute licensing deal with OnwardMobility means that the company isn’t going anywhere, and in fact there’s a new BlackBerry phone on the horizon.

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While there’s little information to dissect regarding this new device, we do know that it’ll have 5G connectivity and an emphasis on data security. Before we get on hands on more information about the handset, it’s definitely worth getting an idea of how the general public feels about BlackBerry in 2020.


If you made the jump to Android or iOS long ago, then the idea of pining for BlackBerry’s triumphant return might seem a bit odd, but there is a budding fan base out there.

The Reddit thread r/blackberry still draws in a surprising amount of activity, with several users showing their dedication by continuing to use out-dated BlackBerry devices in the present day. You have to admire their passion, but the thought of still carrying around the humongous BlackBerry Passport sounds like a cry for help.


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