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Even Sony doesn’t know the right way to set up a PS5

In a Twitter gaffe, the Head of PlayStation Studios revealed a damning mistake – so what chance do we mere mortals have?

Head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, posted a charming video of his cat interacting with his TV screen whilst he was playing his PS5; it’s the kind of video that’s usually like catnip for feline fans on Twitter. However, he’d failed to notice one small problem. The PS5 console – Sony’s pride and joy – was lying on the wrong side.

Hoping that he could turn back the clock, Hulst re-uploaded the video with the console cropped out – but the internet never forgets and it rarely forgives. Within minutes the original footage was unearthed, much to smug sniggering across social media.

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The PS5 has a large footprint for a home console, and it is able to be positioned either upright or horizontally depending on where (or if) you can find room for the machine in your home. But when it’s on its side, it’s easy to confuse which way is the right-side up. For the avoidance of doubt, the disk drive should be on the lower side of the console.

In our review of the PS5, we noted that it’s design was one of the few flaws of an otherwise excellent console. The thing is so bulky that it’s a bit ungainly, and it has a plasticky finish that belies its premium price. With that said, the performance is very good. The ultra-responsive controller enhances the experience for a truly next-gen feel, and the console has a strong library of launch games to choose from.

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However, the undesirable design is proving to be the very least of gamers’ worries right now – the major problem is how to even buy one. Chaos reigned on the first day of launch, with many excited customers left empty-handed after several unfortunate mix-ups, and now most retailers are out of stock of the next-gen system. You’d best hope that Santa Claus had the common sense to pre-order a batch, or else you’ll have no choice but to actually engage your family in conversation come Christmas Day.


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