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Here today, gone tomorrow: Twitter deletes unpopular Fleets feature

Twitter has backtracked on its unpopular Fleets feature, and will get rid of it in just a few weeks’ time after it failed to catch on.

The whole point of Fleets was that they would auto-delete after 24 hours, but it seems the feature itself will barely last any longer than that; Twitter has announced that it will vanish altogether on August 3, phlegmatically saying “we’re sorry or you’re welcome” in a manner that perfectly sums up most people’s ambivalence to the news.

Fleets was an uninspired idea right from its inception, cribbed from the likes of Snapchat and “stories” that are available on Instagram, Facebook, and various other social media platforms, but it arrived at the party a couple of years too late to capture the zeitgeist.

Allowing you to post short videos that were pinned to the top of the feed and would automatically expire after 24 hours, the feature seems to have lacked traction with users on the microblogging site and so has been unceremoniously ditched after just a few months.

Just as you’d expect, Twitter’s famously warm-hearted and forgiving users wasted no time in expressing how little they cared about the introduction, existence, and termination of this short-lived innovation…

In place of Fleets, Twitter has cryptically claimed that it will be “working on some new stuff” and “focusing on improving other parts of Twitter”, and we may have already seen the green shoots of these developments.

The subscription service Twitter Blue was launched only recently in selected countries, and showed off new options such as “Undo Tweets”, though all in all it was considered an underwhelming offering for the monthly fee. With any luck, the next Twitter feature will be both useful and available free of charge; but don’t hold your breath on that score.

Will you be sad to see the end of Fleets? Let us know your feelings in the poll below.



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