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Paid Instagram subscriptions are on their way to the App Store

It seems that you will soon have the option to pay for a “creator subscription” on Instagram, according to a listing on the App Store.

Several analysts have confirmed that paid subscriptions are on their ways to Instagram, after seemingly popping up on a listing for the App Store.

TechCrunch reports that a subscription priced at $4.99 (~£3.68) was added on 1 November, while subscriptions at a $0.99 (~£0.73) were added on 9 November. We still don’t know when these are set to be officially announced, but now that they have been unofficially confirmed it surely can’t be long until the big unveiling.

Instagram wouldn’t be the first social media platform to add a paid tier, with Twitter Blue having launched earlier this year. While its still unclear what Instagram may include as part of its offering, Twitter’s paid subscription added the option of creating bookmark folders and a timer that pops up before your tweet is published in case you want to delete it, among other very minor modifications.

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The news of these subscriptions comes shortly after Instagram’s parent company, previously known as Facebook, rebranded itself as Meta in a nod to its increasing focus on the goal of an augmented reality ‘Metaverse’. It’s unlikely that Instagram subscriptions will play into that ambition, but it is nonetheless another significant gear change by the tech giant.

Let us know what you think about these plans to add a subscription service to Instagram. Would you pay a couple of quid for some extra features on your favourite app, or do you simply feel that you pay the app enough of your free time and attention without having to hand over money for it as well? Tell us your thoughts in the poll below:



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