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Recombeers: Hands on with the Galaxy S21, AirPods Max and dunking on Cyberpunk

That’s right folks, you know what the deal is here. It’s Friday, it’s 5pm and that can only mean one thing – the latest episode of Recombeers has just gone live.

No sign of Alastair or The Tech Spurt this week, with myself and Recombu’s Deputy Editor, Max Parker, jumping in to fill the void and talk about all the biggest happenings of the week (outside of the realm of politics and pandemics at least).


One of the biggest stories this week is the rumour that LG’s smartphone division might be on its way out. If this ends up being true then that could be a huge blow to the affordable mobile market, and anyone who doesn’t want to rob a bank to fork out for a new smartphone (I include myself in there).

It’d be remiss however if I didn’t admit that Samsung probably had its biggest week since the Note 20 Ultra launch, and you’ll get a bit of additional commentary from Max about his time spent reviewing the S21 and S21 Ultra. But the company also drew our attention this week with by unveiling its latest A series of mid-range phones, and confirming plans to cease including chargers and headphones across its entire smartphone range.

And alas, it just wouldn’t be peak 2021 if there wasn’t a brand new story about how Cyberpunk 2077 is the worst. This time it’s to do with the gorgeous E3 demo from 2018 which, if you’ve played Cyberpunk, you’ll know that it’s nothing like the final product. With allegations that the demo was “faked”, Max and I weigh in on whether it’s even possible for CD Projekt Red to turn things around at this point.

For this week’s Show and Tell segment, Max has an absolute cornucopia of high-end tech that’ll have you foaming at the mouth – none more so than the behemoth that is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It has a spec sheet that needs to be seen to be believed, but let’s just say that it’ll be one of the best smartphones you can buy for a long time.

If you want to see more of the jealousy-inducing tech that Max (and sometime I) have lying around, then be sure to subscribe to Recombu’s YouTube channel and avoid missing out on any future episodes of Recombeers. For anyone who wants to go the extra mile, leave a comment on the video and maybe we’ll read it out in next week’s video.


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