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The HomePod Mini just got a new upgrade that home cinema fans will love

Apple’s HomePod Mini has just added a new feature that could make your home cinema experience even more immersive than before.

WWDC 2021 kicked off this year on June 7 with a flurry of eye-catching announcements, bringing in changes to iPhone and iPad software that will help make your life a touch easier and more intuitive. But one of the announcements that slipped under the radar could be a home cinema buff’s dream.

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The news in question is that the HomePod Mini will be compatible with Apple TV 4K. This means you can use one – or even better, two – of the small yet substantial-sounding speakers to fill your room with an impromptu surround sound system while you watch a movie on Apple’s premium streaming service.

This feature had previously only been available with the now-discontinued standard-size HomePod, so it’s great news that its small sibling, which is still very much alive and kicking, can also adopt this functionality.

In our review of Apple TV 4K, we found it to offer a premium streaming experience that slots in perfectly to the manufacturer’s existing ecosystem, and delivers excellent audiovisual performance as well.

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Each HomePod Mini speaker costs £99, which is good value for a speaker of this calibre and remarkably modest by Apple’s habitually overpriced standards. What’s more, unlike the costly AirPods Max, it actually will support Apple Music’s upcoming lossless audio quality guarantee.

Most of the announcements at WWDC, which continues until June 11, will continue to focus on changes to the company’s major operating systems, especially iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. These have all received somewhat modest upgrades, with new features added to FaceTime and a revamp to the notifications system.


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