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The most streamed film of 2020 has been unveiled – and it’s not Borat 2

I’m pretty sure that if streaming services could talk, they’d all be thanking the global lockdown for a wonderful year. Obviously we’d want to punch them for the sentiment, but there’s no denying that streaming has had one of its best years yet in 2020, and now we know which films people have been streaming the most, courtesy of Variety.

Surprisingly enough, even thought the film just came out on Amazon Prime Video, Borat 2 still managed to make the list of the 30 most streamed VOD movies of 2020. While we’ll never know if it’s the fun antics of Sacha Baron Cohen or the not-so-fun-antics of Rudy Giuliani that drove audiences to the film, one thing is certain – Borat 2 is an overwhelming success, but it’s not the most streamed film in this category.

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No sir, while Borat managed to nab the number two spot on the list, it was bested by the recorded version of Hamilton, available exclusively over at Disney Plus. To be fair, this isn’t too surprising given that tickets to Hamilton cost a small fortune and even then, you have to wait what feels like a lifetime before you can actually get in to see it. Being able to stream it from your couch for just £5.99 seemed almost too good to be true.

Disney’s success didn’t stop there either, with the live-action adaptation of Mulan clinching the number six spot. That’s particularly impressive given that subscribers were expected to fork out even more cash on top of their Disney Plus subscription to access the ‘Premiere’.

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You can see the remaining list here, but it seems as though streaming services have had no trouble in drumming up an audience over the last several months.

Given that several UK cinemas had to close up shop following the latest delay of James Bond’s No Time To Die (seems like he has plenty of time if you ask us), and the US cinema chain AMC is on the brink of financial collapse, 2021 could be a big turning point for streaming services.


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